About Screamous

Screamous® is a clothing retail company that officially started on May 29th, 2004 with big expectations to give extraordinary choices in fashion industry.

Our vast market ranged from adolescence to everyone that open-minded, independent, and modern people. We try to put every aspect of human culture and behavior in our products. Any form you could think of, because ’culture’ is a vast universe to explore. Anything you do, feel, hear, or see everyday is a ‘culture’. This is not just a fashion-statement, it is being who you really are, it is being a part of your own culture, it is being extraordinary!

Products variety that offered to consumers both male or female are t-shirt, shirt, denim, pants, shorts, sweater, jacket, hat, belt, sandal and many more. Besides that, we produced every detail of our products with the best quality and released every product in exclusive amount and supply with affordable price.

Until now, Screamous have 2 Official Shophouses:

 #1 Shophouse: 
Jl. Trunojoyo No.23 Bandung 40115, 
West Java, Indonesia. 
Phone: +6222 426 51 33..

#2nd Shophouse: 
Jl. Sultan Agung No. 09 Bandung 40115, 
West Java, Indonesia. 
Phone: +6222 426 81 16.

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Our products can be found almost everywhere in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.
Furthermore, since May 2007, people are able to on-line shopping through our official website www.screamous.com

Welcome to Screamous! :)

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